Have Words. Will Scribe.

Scott D Welch has written and published, under his own name as well as four pseudonyms, nearly two million words, with a large portion of his work having been behind the scenes.

Often called upon to either create something new or to “repair the damage,” Scott has done so in marketing, web design and in both editorial and writing capacities. He draws his abilities from over four decades of professional experience.

A Few More Words

His job duties, while working at companies or as a freelancer, required writing advertising copy, feature stories, news stories, brochures, newsletters, commentaries, essays, profiles, and web copy, to name but a few. Copy has been written for retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers, contractors, novels, rock bands, service industry firms, and several others.

Work as a writer, proofreader or editor has included, among other people, a few famous and some not-yet-famous authors. There has been line editing work for people who needed assistance with their master’s thesis or doctoral dissertation. There was a period of time where assignments included those of a lyrics doctor, assisting songwriters find just the right words to express what they wanted to convey.

Scott’s background includes a short stint at IBM after college, co-owning a retail store, holding executive positions in both book and newspaper publishing. He has over four decades experience in public relations and marketing utilizing his writing, editing and photographic talents.

He taught internet related classes at an adult school in California while holding a Preliminary Vocational Education Credential in Electronic Publishing, Management and Marketing. In addition, he has managed beginning and intervention reading and math programs for at-risk and under-achieving students with astonishing results.

Time To Write

Then there were those few glorious months when there was not a lot of work to do and scribed a crime thriller (under the pen name Scott Frank). Writing a few hours a day, usually in the morning, for approximately three months and Darkness Descends was completed.

Being excited about this accomplishment he sought an agent. Many months later, he finally decided the search was over and self-published his book, in May 2002. Sales were not spectacular but the novel did sell.

What matters most, however, is that Clive Cussler, a writer whom he greatly respects and admires, wrote this about Darkness Descends: “A real spellbinder with a multitude of twists and turns through a labyrinth of intrigue. A read not easily forgotten…a timeless tale of suspense.”

And, yes, the Cussler quote is proudly framed in his home – next to a photo of the two of them talking together at the New York Explorer’s Club.

Clive Cussler - Scott D Welch - NY Explorer's Club

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