Chapter One

From Chapter One, Darkness Descends

CHRIS DIDN’T FEEL as if he could run anymore.

It had been at least ten minutes since he fled from that alley behind the 7-Eleven store. He didn’t think that he had ever run this fast, not even in the state sprint championships. And, for good reason. This time, he was running for his life.

His strides were long. He could feel his feet hitting the ground, one after the other, in a rapid succession.

While he had not really been looking back as he ran, any good runner knows that doing such a thing slows you down, if only a little bit, there was no way that he was going to reduce his speed to see if there was anything or anyone following him. At least he couldn’t hear any movement or noises. That must be a good sign.

Why did he have to go there tonight.

Why did he have to witness that spectacle.

A body. She appeared tall. But who could tell for sure. Her body was contorted, for lack of a better word. Maybe twisted or bent was a more suitable description, though how does one convey the form of a human body in such a fashion? She also seemed somewhat familiar. She might have been blonde, except that it was quite dark, not much light at all back there to see clearly.

But, then again, who could tell. Who could be sure.

Maybe I should have stayed and tried to help, Chris thought to himself as he ran, but it looked like such a hopeless situation. And what could I do?

“A real spellbinder with a multitude of twists
and turns through a labyrinth of intrigue.
A read not easily forgotten…a timeless tale
of suspense.” – Clive Cussler

“Nice work. A very good first novel.”
Ed Gorman
Editor, Mystery Scene magazine

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