Samples of Work

Included here are few samples of the writings of Scott D Welch.

A Brief History of Reading Instruction - Scott D Welch

The history of reading instruction is seen to be fairly consistent for over two thousand years, with societies teaching through an alphabetic principle, or phonics, method.

That first changed in America around 1837, with sight-word reading adopted in Boston, which caused a steep decline in literacy within seven years. That problem was successfully eliminated.

That did not, however, stop proponents of whole-word (sight-word, look-see, etc.) from continuing their quest to use what is nothing less than educational malpractice to teach students how to read.

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Our Founding Fathers - by Scott D Welch.jpg

What will be presented here are quotes from several of the Founders, particularly about America, the Constitution, Liberty and Freedom, and how to keep the newly formed government functioning. More will be added as time goes on that are verified through reliable sources.

In order to keep our Constitutional Republic free it behooves all Americans to avail themselves of the history of this great nation and realize that the only way to accomplish this is to be educated on our U.S. Constitution and what our Founders intended. Much of how they envisioned our government is in various writings and speeches they delivered before, during and after our War for Independence.

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Why fill-in-the-blank Can't Read - Scott D Welch

How did America, which had evolved the best education system in the world, tumble from the pinnacle of success to mediocrity?

Why do billions of dollars continue to be spent annually on “education” with little to no result?

Is the solution really as complex as it is made out to be?

This essay provides background information regarding the changes made in an instructional method that has been responsible for nothing less than devastating results to the American education process.

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the download - Scott D Welch

In 2001 computer/cyber crime was in its infancy.

Winston Reilly had an opportunity to make millions in an apparently risk-free operation.

All he had to do was simply steal the next generation security software, Security Achievement System (SASy for short), created by small-player TeleComm, at the company’s office.

Sometimes, however, things are not quite as easy as they seem or as planned.

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Darkness_Descends - Scott D Welch

Two weeks prior to graduation Chris Walker, high school senior and state champion in the 100- and 200-meter dashes, jogs by a 7-Eleven store and hears a sound in the alley.

Curious, he slows and, while witnessing what he believes the murder of a blonde woman, accidentally kicks a can. He is spotted, then yelled at and immediately turns and runs, narrowly escaping. Chris is noticeably shaken and questions what he saw.

Chris does not know what to do or where to go until events force him to confront his innermost principles, and corresponding fears, and what follows becomes a game of cat and mouse.

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